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Coach O's Corner

Dear Skipper Lax Fans,

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Head Coaching position. I am very blessed to have this opportunity to work with a great administration, kids, parents, booster club board and coaching staff. I look forward to the hard work and focus that it will take to reach the vision of the Mandeville Lacrosse Program.

One of the many lessons I've learned coaching is that parent engagement and communication is vital to our success. While we will want to mostly communicate through the boys, I also want to take some opportunities communicate directly to you to make sure you are getting the information and can engage.

To start things off I'd like to introduce you to our vision, mission and core values which will help guide us in our planning and execution. All can be found on our website at Coach Koppens will be revisiting and modifying the JV's vision/mission and I look forward to seeing it and getting it up on the website. For this email I'd like to focus on the Varsity mission as this will the overarching theme of all of our activities this year.


We practice like we play…we are prepared. We study diligently…we are prepared. We work hard so we can play hard. We are one entity, focused on the details, getting better by doing everything with a PURPOSE.

Thank you in advance for your support in reiterating the mission to our athletes. Here are some expectations that I would also appreciate your help in supporting.

  1. Maximum Practice Attendance. We have to be at practice to accomplish the mission. Practice attendance will directly impact playing time. Multi-sport/activity players will be handled on a case by case basis.
  2. Maximum effort at practice. Hard work creates opportunity and success. Effort level in practice will impact playing time.
  3. Academics. A 2.0 is required to play but like the previous leadership, this coaching staff has higher expectations. We will be monitoring grades and having conversations with our studentathletes for 2.5 and below. Poor academic performance will impact playing time.
  4. Character. This will be covered in more depth by the Code of Conduct, however I want to make sure that parents understand that it is a focus and one of my top values. Character covers everything from social media and general attitude, to how you treat your teammates, teachers, coaches, referees, opposing teams and parents. Poor character will impact playing time.

I appreciate you wanting to reach out to me or the coaching staff directly with any questions or concerns, however it is important to grow our athletes into independent young men. The coaching staff and I would prefer to hear questions or concerns from the players first. If they, or you, are unsatisfied with the conversation please reach out to me directly. Below is my contact info:

Coach O


The future is really bright and I know I speak for myself as well as the coaching staff, we are extremely excited. We have a talented, smart and experienced Varsity team as well as lots of athletic new players to flesh out the JV team. Our coaching staff is talented and experienced and we are continuing to search for new and great additions to the staff. Skipper Lax is ready to take off on a really special journey and, like you, I'm excited to be a part of it.

#GeauSkipperLax #Teambeforeself #HardWork


Coach O (Chris Oos)

Head Coach Mandeville High School Lacrosse

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