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Posted Sep 8, 2018

The helmets Skipper Lax uses are the Cascade R. In the past we have had the white helmet with the royal blue chin. We have purchased helmet wraps (stickers) for this helmet and they do not work on any others. 

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Skipper Lax Fans,

Unfortunately, the potential weather/field conditions for tomorrow are just not looking good enough to have everyone on standby any longer. LSU's Head Coach Shane Koppens and I have agreed that we need to cancel the Mini Camp for tomorrow. However, Coach Koppens has agreed to come out with some of his coaching staff and position players to conduct a position specific session at one of our practices. As soon as I have the details nailed down I'll let the players know. 

Thank you for your patience while on standby. If you paid for lunch please see me at practice Tuesday so we can get you your money back. 


Coach O